Photo Credit: VICE News

Fix one problem, another pops up. That’s life.

Business Insider is reporting that Boeing has 41 737 Max jets and 737 Generation Planes that may have faulty slat tracks. Slat tracks are the parts of the wing that help the plane maneuver. Airlines have been urged to check almost 300 more planes, just in case those are also affected.

This recent information comes at a rough time for Boeing. The airplane manufacturer has been having a nightmare year after two 737 Max airliners crashed and subsequently killed hundreds of people. This has resulted in a general decline in the company’s trust, particularly from airlines.

Multiple airlines are demanding compensation or are amending orders from Boeing. Various airline chiefs have also expressed their doubts in the company.

According to CNBC, Boeing’s shares were down more than 2% last Monday morning, hitting $333.56 – the lowest level since January.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it will issue an airworthiness directive to remove the faulty parts. Airlines will have 10 days to comply with those guidelines. While the government agency says the faulty parts aren’t enough to result in a complete catastrophe, the issue still needs to be resolved.

In a statement, the FAA said “the complete failure of a leading edge slat track would not result in the loss of the aircraft, but a risk remains that a failed part could lead to aircraft damage in flight.”