Four students have been charged after a stabbing occurred outside Felix Varela High School in Miami-Dade County.

Three high school aged students were stabbed in the school’s parking lot following an altercation with another student who attended Varela High School. The student is allegedly the person who stabbed the other teenagers who are not students there.

According to police, the students who did not attend Varela have been charged with battery and burglary for approaching the suspect’s vehicle and starting the fight.

After dismissal, there was a heavy downpour in the Miami-Dade county area, which was a bit of an impediment to officers as they tried to control the situation. Ultimately, officers were able to catch up with the suspect. He was charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds.

Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Edwin Lopez says, “The officer that was nearby was able to call for assistance and respond to the scene and quickly apprehend the suspect.”

It’s still unclear what led to the initial altercation, but according to Police Chief Lopez, “all parties involved did know who one another were.”

Lopez says there will be extra police officers at the school today to prevent these types of situations from happening again. The three teenagers who were stabbed are recovering and in stable condition.