Credit: CBS Los Angeles

Various executives and project coordinators broke ground at the exact location where it will be constructed.

The purpose of the updated rental car facility is to make it easier to get to and from LAX. Right now, there are about 20 different rental car places that are scattered around the airport. This facility will consolidate all of those into one specific area.

The facility is more than 5 million square feet. It features 16,000 parking spaces for the rental cars, as well as areas where workers can wash them, refuel and perform maintenance on the vehicles.

In the hopes of making it easier to get to and from LAX, the facility will connect to the automated people mover. Instead of rental car shuttles picking up passengers at their terminals, the train will take them straight to the new rental car facility.

Every year, the people mover is set to pick up 30 million passengers (and their luggage) back and forth from LAX to the rental car location.

The goal is to connect air travel with public transportation and minimize traffic and delays for travelers.

In preparation for today’s groundbreaking, workers were in the new parking lot area all morning setting up tents and chairs.