Photo Credit: KGUN9

An Arizona motorcycle club is fed up with illegal dumping in their neighborhood.

“They are not helping anyone. They are just lazy scumbags who obviously don’t care about the community,” said Sun Riders Motorcycle club rep ‘Beast.’

Beast says this about the people who have been illegally dumping behind the Sun Rider’s clubhouse on the South Side.

“We’re tired of looking at garbage and smelling it,” said Beast.

Trash, trash, and more trash has been the eyesore since the motorcycle club moved in next to a Family Dollar two years ago.

“It’s gotten out of control. It has progressively gotten worse in the amount of time that we have been here,” said Beast.

A few days after talking to the Sun Riders, a KGUN 9 news crew came back to the neighborhood to find two men picking up trash in the parking lot. While they didn’t want to be on camera, they said they came there to pick up the trash in the sun because they’re sick of their neighborhood looking so lowly.

“Anything and everything that people don’t want – bags of garbage, tires, mattresses, couches, drug paraphernalia” are some of the items Beast says people drop off in the dump.

Beast says they tried to resolve the situation. They went to Family Dollar and Pima County officials about the problem.

“We’ve had actual confrontations with the illegal dumpers where it has almost resulted in violence,” said Beast.

“We put on the biggest toy parade at Christmas time in southern Arizona, and this is not what we want our guests to experience: a trash heap next to our collection of toys for the children,” said Beast.

According to the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, there have been six complaints filed against the Family Dollar location over the last three years. That includes the latest complaint by the Sun Riders.

Family Dollar, who owns the property, released this statement to KGUN 9: “We are aware of and disappointed that illegal dumping is taking place on our lessor’s property. We are in the process of addressing the issue.”

“We’re not going to let a bunch of trash dumpers make us leave from our home. So no, we don’t plan on going anywhere,” said Beast.

Pima County is planning to have inspectors keep tabs on their property. The Sun Riders say video cameras are up and they’re hoping to catch the offenders in the act. If caught, they could face a fine of up to $500 per incident.