Photo Credit: NoeHill

City Hall is 93 years old.

In the City of Stockton, California, plans are in the works to transform the historic city hall building into both a residential and commercial community filled with homes and shops.

Tonight, a vote is expected with city council members. They are working out a deal with a developer to have exclusive rights to the property on El Dorado Street.

The city-owned buildings located directly to the south of the historic building would be a part of the redevelopment deal as well. If the project is approved, the developer would have about a year to finalize all the details.

Stockton City Hall first opened in 1926 and is still very much in use today.

If the deal gets the green light, city leaders would move to a new building at The Waterfront Towers in the next two to three years.

The community is invited to come weigh in on the transformation of this historic building tonight.