Take good care of your skin. It’s the only one you got.

The first Monday of every May is called Melanoma Monday, and for 2019 – that happens to be today, May 6.

Melanoma is considered to be the deadliest form of skin cancer, and an application of information regarding the disease could be the difference between life and death since it has the capacity to affect anybody.

As we (in the Northern Hemisphere) inch closer towards the summer months when the sun is most prevalent for the longest period of time, it’s crucial to start thinking about ways to protect your skin. This is especially important if you know your exposure to the sun will be greater than that of the average person.

According to Dr. William Sharfman, an oncologist at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, anyone is at risk to develop melanoma: “Really all adults should have a good skin exam on a yearly basis. That could be from your family doctor, from your internist or from a dermatologist.”

Health experts say melanoma is preventable and treatable if caught early, but taking care of your skin and getting it checked out is vital to early detection (and an early resolution).

Check out your local health and/or community center to see if they’re taking any proactive approaches to helping others prevent this disease, or planning any community events around Melanoma Monday.