Credit: Unsplash

All guests needed to be tested before they could leave.

On Sunday, Shanghai Disneyland was packed with visitors as is typical of a theme park on the weekend. However, in the evening, the gates were suddenly closed, not permitting any new guests into the park, nor was anyone currently in the park permitted to leave. The reason for this was a report park management had received about a woman from Hangzhou who visited the park the day prior after testing positive for COVID-19.

Police and healthcare workers took up station at the park’s exits, requiring all guests who wanted to leave the park to submit to a COVID-19 test. Testing all of the guests in the park took multiple hours, with some remaining until past midnight. As consolation, the rides and attractions in the park remained open, and a fireworks display was put on once it got dark. Guests were only required to submit to testing when they wanted to leave, and afterwards were advised to quarantine at home for several days.

According to the guests, it was a very orderly procedure. “No one complained, and everyone behaved really well,” an anonymous guest told The Associated Press.

This morning, the park’s managers confirmed that all 33,863 guests who were tested for COVID were confirmed negative, though they have been advised to monitor their health and seek additional testing in the future as a precaution. The park will remain closed today and Tuesday while staff and authorities confirm the reports of the COVID-positive guest and the health of staff.