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The big sale is returning to its usual summer schedule.

Prime Day is one of Amazon’s largest discount shopping events (though, ironically, it only brings in about 1-2% of the company’s annual revenue). The event regularly features massive discounts on otherwise expensive items like brand-name clothes and household appliances, many of which are timed exclusives that customers need to be quick to beat each other to. Prime Day is typically held in the summer, but 2020’s Prime Day had to be delayed to October due to complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, though, things are on track for a return to normalcy.

Amazon announced today that Prime Day 2021 will be held over the Monday-Tuesday period of June 21 and 22. During this time, Amazon plans to offer discounts on over two million different items throughout its catalog. While Prime Day is a free event, the majority of these discounts will be exclusive to members of Amazon Prime. This is on purpose; the entire point of Prime day is to entice newer shoppers into joining the Prime service on the promise of better prices and free shipping.

This year, Amazon is using Prime Day as a means of promoting its various small business partners. The company recently made a $100 million investment to boost the reputations and production capacities of these independent partners, and hopes the event and discounts can draw some more attention to them. Prior to the beginning of Prime Day, from June 7 to June 20, customers earn a $10 credit toward Prime Day purchases if they spend at least $10 on select independent brands.

“This is our biggest promotion for small business sellers in our history,” said Keri Cusick, Amazon’s head of small business empowerment.

Despite these efforts, Amazon is currently under increased legal scrutiny for its treatment of some third-party sellers. Recently, The District of Columbia filed an antitrust lawsuit against the company on the grounds that their contracts with third-party sellers prevent them from selling their wares at lower prices on other retail websites.