Credit: Unsplash

The Alexa-connected glasses will be available in time for the holidays.

Last year, Amazon launched the Echo Frames, a pair of glasses with a built-in Amazon Echo and Alexa support. However, as the device was offered as part of the “Day 1” event, it was only offered to select customers that had received an invitation from Amazon itself. Now, in time for the holiday season, Amazon is finally moving the Echo Frames up to a full release, complete with some new updates and features.

Amazon has officially opened pre-orders for the second generation Echo Frames. This device will cost $249.99, and will be releasing on December 10. As with the original Echo Frames, the second generation features open-ear audio that allow you to communicate with Alexa, as well as make and receive phone calls, listen to music, and command smart devices. The frames, which come in three different colors, can also be taken to a LensCrafters store if prescription lenses are needed. Based on feedback received from users of the Day 1 version, though, Amazon has improved the Echo Frames.

First and foremost, the device now features a 40% longer battery life, as well as an auto-off feature that turns the glasses off when they’re not in active use. Notifications now come with a “VIP Filter” that allows the user to customize prioritize notifications and alerts from certain apps over others. The open-audio speakers now feature auto-volume control that will automatically adjust the volume of the device based on ambient noise.

Those who were invited and purchased the Day 1 version of the Echo Frames will receive a discounted price on the second generation version of $70.