Credit: Unsplash

The new model is smaller, cheaper, and features better noise-cancelling.

For as long as it has been a tech juggernaut, Amazon has found itself at odds with Apple and its various developments in the field of consumer electronics. Case in point, Apple’s AirPods are still one of the most popular brands of wireless earbud speakers, regularly outdoing Amazon’s more modest Echo Buds. In the never-ending consumer war against Apple, Amazon has once again reworked its tech, this time with a cheaper price point as their weapon of choice.

Today, Amazon unveiled their newly revamped Echo Buds wireless earbud speakers. The new, version 2 model of the Echo Buds feature a more compact design, both in the buds themselves and in their USB-C carrying case charger. The buds feature active noise cancellation like the first model, though Amazon claims the V2 buds’ noise cancellation functions are twice as efficient as the original version. The buds also feature three built-in microphones for phone calls, as well as interaction with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. Alexa can now also detect the location of the buds nearby in the event they are displaced, similarly to Apple and its Find My features.

Speaking of Apple, many of these features are also present in the current iteration of Apple AirPods, but the primary difference is that while a pair of AirPods can cost $249 before additional fees, the basic version of the new Echo Buds costs only $99. For an additional $20, owners can also get an upgraded version of the new carrying case that features wireless charging. These prices are only during the buds’ promotional launch period, however; once this period ends, the basic version will cost $119.99, though the upgraded case will still only be $20 extra.

The new Echo Buds are scheduled to launch on May 13 in white and black colorations. Pre-orders are open, and the promotional pricing will only last until May 12.