Credit: Unsplash

The suspect has been detained, but their motive remains unknown.

Yesterday, a mass shooting occurred at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan. A 15-year-old armed with a semiautomatic pistol killed three students and wounded seven others while the remainder of the student and staff populace either barricaded themselves in their classrooms or escaped the building out the windows. Local law enforcement arrived on the scene, and upon encountering the suspect, he immediately surrendered and was detained. No shots were fired by the officers, and the suspect was unharmed.

Currently, the suspect, whose name has not been disclosed, is being detained in a local juvenile detention facility, where he remains on constant suicide watch. The suspect’s parents, the father being the one who purchased the pistol used in the incident, have hired an attorney and advised their son to keep discussion with officers to a minimum.

Not much is known about the suspect as of writing, beyond the fact that they are a sophomore student at Oxford High School. Investigators have not been able to glean any obvious motives for the crime from initial testimonies. However, the school’s video surveilance system did capture footage of the incident, which investigators will be going through for the next several days. A search warrant of the suspect’s home also uncovered a smartphone for investigation, and authorities are also planning on conducting a “deep dive” on the suspect’s social media, where he apparently made a recent post showing off the pistol.

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office will be making the ultimate decision on whether the suspect is tried as a minor or as an adult.