Credit: Angeles National Forest/Twitter

A massive fire has burnt down thousands of acres of forest.

Yesterday, a massive brush fire erupted near the Angeles National Forest near Lake Hughes, California. This event, named the “Lake Fire,” has already consumed over 10,000 acres of forest as of writing.

The fire was reported in the afternoon yesterday at North Lake Hughes Road and Pine Canyon Road, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Over 500 firefighters and 20 strike teams have been deployed to extinguish and contain the fire, but so far, efforts have proved difficult due to local conditions. Due to high temperatures and low humidity, the area is currently bordering between elevated and critical fire risk conditions.

“It’s pretty explosive fire behavior,” said Angeles National Forest Fire Chief Robert Garcia. “It’s typically what we see a little bit later in the season and often driven by wind. The fuel, moisture conditions and the fire at this particular location with the slope, it really created the recipe for rapid fire growth.”

Several roads have been closed and evacuation orders have been issued. Approximately 100 households have been required to vacate to the Highland High School in Palmdale, though due to COVID-19 social distancing concerns, evacuees are currently required to remain in their vehicles. Several animal shelters and care centers have also opened up to take in and care for the forest’s wildlife population.

No direct cause for the fire has been identified as of yet. No injuries or deaths have been reported. Officials estimate it could be at least several more days before the fire is successfully contained.