Credit: Unsplash

The employees of a Buffalo, New York Starbucks are unionizing in a company first.

Starbucks currently employs roughly 235,000 employees across nearly 9,000 locations across the United States. For as long as Starbucks has been running as a chain, no employees at any of those locations have ever successfully unionized. However, that officially changed this week when the employees of a single Starbucks location in Buffalo, New York voted to establish a union by a 19-8 margin. Several other Starbucks locations in the immediate area also held votes of their own, though this single store was the only one to successfully pass their vote.

While it is only one store, accounting for about 100 employees, Starbucks corporate was visibly concerned about the vote and unionization, sending out executives to local chains to run damage control. Their fears are not unfounded, as the success of the vote has already sparked renewed interest in unionization in Starbucks locations in other nearby cities and counties.

In an SEC filing, Starbucks expressed concern that “if a significant portion of our employees were to become unionized, our labor costs could increase and our business could be negatively affected by other requirements and expectations that could increase our costs, change our employee culture, decrease our flexibility and disrupt our business.”

The Buffalo store employees, for their part, are excited for their victory. “This is a historic moment in time,” said barista Michelle Eisen. “This win is the first step in changing what it means to be a partner at Starbucks, and what it means to work in the service industry more broadly. With a union, we now have the ability to negotiate a contract that holds Starbucks accountable to be the company we know it can be, and gives us a real voice in our workplace.”