Credit: REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

Two men who allegedly smuggled Ghosn out of Japan have been caught.

Back in December, ex-Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn was confined to his home in Japan after being released from prison on bail. Ghosn was imprisoned at the time after being indicted on charges of multiple financial crimes within the company, including incorrect reporting and improper usage of company funds. Through a series of covert actions, however, Ghosn was smuggled out of the country, and was last confirmed to be in hiding in Lebanon. Two men who were allegedly involved with this crime, Michael Taylor, 59, and Peter Taylor, 27, have had warrants out for their arrest since December, and today, they were arrested by Japanese police.

Michael Taylor, a former US Green Beret, and his son Peter, are currently in custody in Japan after the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts received an extradition request from Japan. The two men are due to appear in front of a federal court in Massachusetts via video conference later today.

A third man, George-Antoine Zayek, currently has a warrant out for his arrest for his involvement in the crime. Zayek’s current status remains unknown. According to eyewitnesses, as well as hotel and airport staff, Zayek and Michael Taylor were seen carrying around several large black boxes when chartering a private jet. “The black boxes looked like they were for audio equipment, and Michael Taylor and Zayek told Kansai airport workers that they were musicians,” one witness said.