Credit: WXYZ Detroit

A collision course is set in Lansing, Michigan as lawmakers in the Republican-controlled legislature are moving ahead with their budget.

Gov. Whitmer is threatening to veto any legislation that doesn’t contain funding for road and schools. Now, there’s 25 days and counting until the budget deadline.

It’s been a decade since Michigan missed this budget deadline. However, it’s also been a decade since Michigan last started the school year without knowing there was a budget in place, which meant many important issues were up in the air. This emboldened school leaders to speak up about their concerns over what’s been going on over the last couple months.

“It’s critical to keep investing in our students and keep investing in our schools, and not do that at the expense of other important things that are going on in the state,” said Berkley School District Superintendent Dennis McDavid.

But yet, a deadline is looming and a fight is still possible.

The governor said she would pull out her veto powers if there were no boosts for schools or roads. Republicans in the legislature have said that roads and the debate around it does not have to be a part of their budget.

Republicans have come up with a framework, so in the coming weeks, they’ll be voting and looking at things they can do with the budget. The question is whether or not it’ll meet Gov. Whitmer’s demands.

Moving forward, there is a possibility of a continuation budget. The governor said she’s open to that, but she’ll only do so if they’re working “in good faith”.