Credit: WXYZ Detroit

Visitors are allowed past the gates for greetings.

As of today, non-ticketed visitors will be able to move past the security gates at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) to greet their relatives and friends when they land.

Safety procedures will still be in effect and non-ticketed visitors will still have to be screened through the TSA. However, there is a process that you must abide by in order to meet up with passengers past security.

Anyone interested in doing this must go to DTW’s website and apply for a pass. The program is a pilot and it’s expected to end on Jan. 5, 2020 after reviewing how it goes over these next few months.

This new program has come about as a result of the TSA’s changes in regulations, which allows the airports more leniency when letting non-ticketed passengers inside.

Pittsburgh International Airport was the first airport to pilot a program similar to this in 2017. Airports in Tampa and Seattle have followed suit.

Ultimately, the goal for the airport is to increase revenue. Several people told WXYZ that they’re excited for this new change.

“It’s really fun to walk off a plane and see someone right there,” said one visitor.

“I have cousins and uncles in the military and the army, so I would love to actually come here and surprise them when they come back home,” said another visitor.

If you’re interested in participating, do make sure that you get your tickets early. DTW is only allowing 75 people per day through the security checkpoint who do not have a ticket to fly.