Something’s gone screwy with the MTA payroll.

The chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which is responsible for all public transit in New York, is holding an emergency meeting this afternoon after the number of overtime hours is said to have skyrocketed in a short time frame. According to the MTA, overtime costs were up $122 million last year. An investigation is being ordered into the alleged scandal.

The Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) Chief Measurement Officer rigged in $462,000 thanks to $344,000 for overtime hours. That translates to 3,800 hours in extra shifts.

MTA board member Larry Schwartz says he wants a prosecutor to bring MTA overtime violators to justice. He says it’s “impossible” that anyone would have worked that many hours in a day.

According to Schwartz, “Nobody can work that many hours a day. Are you going to tell me they didn’t take a sick day or a vacation day in 2018? I don’t believe it. Nobody believes it. People either need to go to jail, or they need to be prosecuted, and we need to collect the money that they stole.”

The MTA has since decided to assign agency cops to take attendance at LIRR facilities. There seems to be a growing concern that people are clocking in for others. The chair of the union that represents LIRR workers says, “these officers belong out in public fighting crime.” He said the extra monitoring is insulting.

MTA chairman Patrick Foye is giving the heads of different departments 60 days to review their overtime procedures and regulations.

The emergency meeting will be held at 4 p.m.