Credit: CNN

It’s been 14 months since the world last saw a Friday the 13th, but that’s going to change tomorrow.

Not only is Friday the 13th coming, but a full moon known as a “harvest moon” will also appear. This is the first full moon to appear on the notoriously superstitious day in nearly two decades; the last full moon that appeared on Friday the 13th was in October of 2000.

Whether you’re into full moon rituals or Friday the 13th, this will be a day to remember. The next full moon won’t happen again until August 2049!

Most places in the U.S. won’t catch a glimpse of this lunar phenomenon until after sundown tomorrow. Those on the east coast will be able to see it unfold in its glory around 12:30 AM.

Harvest moons occur as the summer season transitions into the fall. This period is also known as the Autumnal Equinox, which typically occurs around the end of September. Harvest moons rise 30 minutes later than a regular moon, which usually rise 50 minutes later every evening.

Tomorrow, the full moon will appear 10 days before the start of Fall on September 23. Some believe this could be an ominous sign for what’s to come.