Credit: @justinbieber via Twitter/Instagram

The entertainer duo served up food for charity and publicity.

In an effort to promote his new album “Changes,” and especially his song “Yummy,” singer Justin Bieber teamed up with entertainer and music enthusiast James Corden to spread the word. Their publicity stunt of choice was a large food truck, aptly named “Yummy,” with both entertainers’ faces featured prominently on the side.

The Yummy truck drove around Los Angeles as part of a segment for The Late Late Show, which Corden hosts. In the segment, Bieber and Corden are initially unsure what food they would be selling, but eventually settle on grilled cheese sandwiches and fish tacos. The duo interacted with many fans, taking selfies for social media, and sold a respectable number of sandwiches and tacos, the proceeds from which will all go toward the Los Angeles Food Bank.

Bieber and Corden have developed a notably friendly relationship recently, with Bieber appearing on The Late Late Show earlier in the week to join Corden for a bout of his infamous “Carpool Karaoke.” During this segment, they created a new dance for social media site TikTok. Bieber has also appeared as a musical guest on several famous late night shows including The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live as he continues to promote his new album.