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The actions of the company’s CEO may have resulted in blacklisting.

Mike Lindell, CEO of bedding manufacturer MyPillow, as well as a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump that has repeatedly made false claims of election fraud, said today that his product line had officially been dropped from multiple major retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair, and HEB Stores.

In an email Lindell sent to NBC News, he claimed that “a group has attacked my vendors,” and that the vendors had allegedly received a threat of “a boycott if they don’t comply.” While several in the vendors in question have publicly confirmed that MyPillow products are no longer being sold in their stores, they have not commented on Lindell’s allegations.

Lindell has been under heavy fire over the past week due to a photo taken of him leaving the White House after a supposed meeting with President Trump. In the photo, Lindell’s notes can be partially read, with one of the statements encouraging Trump to declare “martial law if necessary.”

Additionally, Dominion Voting Systems, the manufacturer of voting machines that has been at the center of multiple unproven conspiracy theories, issued a formal warning to Lindell urging him to retract defamatory statements against them, lest he face legal action.

“Your smear campaign against Dominion has been relentless, and you have leveraged your significant social media following to inflict the maximum amount of damage to Dominion’s good name and business operations,” Dominion’s letter read.

“Despite your repeated promises — not to mention your considerable and costly efforts to bankroll a so-called investigation into Dominion — you have failed to identify a scintilla of credible evidence that even suggests that Dominion is somehow involved in a global conspiracy to harvest millions of votes in favor of President-elect Biden,” the letter continued. “Of course, this is because no such evidence exists.”

In his email to NBC, Lindell added that he had attached “page of proof” of Dominion’s supposed voter fraud, but the email had no such attachment. When NBC requested a follow-up, Lindell sent another email with two attachments, one blank and the other illegible.