Credit: Unsplash

Universal’s newest attraction is a record-setter for Florida.

Patrons were lined up around the bend this morning to be the first to ride the newest attraction at the Jurassic World section of Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure: the VelociCoaster. With two launchers reaching upwards of 70 miles per hour, zero-gravity stalls, barrel rolls, and massive drops, the VelociCoaster has set a new standard for high-flying thrill rides in the competitive Florida theme park industry.

“This really was a resort-wide project in the big scheme of things. We were building this coaster in the middle of a functioning theme park, against incredible odds over the last year,” show producer for Jurassic World’s Velocicoaster, Shelby Honea, told NBC WESH 2.

“You never know where you’re going next, you’re darting in and out of rock work, coming face to face with raptors, beautiful waterfalls, beautiful vegetation, that was all very important to us,” Honea said.

The Jurassic World area of the park was touched up in preparation both the coaster’s opening and the gradual increase of patrons it’s been receiving since the park begin its post-pandemic reopening. Some smaller attractions have been rearranged and updated, and the park’s eateries have begun offering Costa Rican fare, along with their signature churros, which were given out for free to those who rode the VelociCoaster. There were quite a few churros to hand out; patrons were lining up for hours beforehand to get on the ride, with the line wait estimated to be at around 240 minutes at its peak.

“We really thought about what is the DNA of Jurassic and we came up with thrill, teeth, and environment,” VelociCoaster art director Gregory Hall said.