Credit: Ian Waldie/Getty Images

The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners put the program under a microscope Thursday to look at a number of revisions.

The Board of Police Commissioners have not yet chosen a date to vote on those rules that they’re working to come up with for this facial recognition program. However, many people in the public are adamantly against the new technology and have many concerns. Despite the overwhelming questions, Detroit Police Chief James Craig continues to say it’s safe.

People are continuing to show up for meetings to discuss the facial recognition program. Chief Craig has repeatedly told the public that there is more to it than the technology alone.

“We cannot rely on the technology. It’s not advanced to that point. That’s the reason why the peer review and then supervisor concurrence is critical,” said Chief Craig.

But those assurances haven’t stopped questions. In fact, state representative Isaac Robinson showed up at the latest Board of Police Commissioners meeting. He’s the man behind a bill that would ban facial recognition statewide for five years.

At the meeting, nearly two dozen possible revisions were discussed – but for some, it’s not enough. Board of Police Commissioners member Willie Burton is not only frustrated with the technology, but also how it was rolled out.

“They implemented a program. They used it for nearly two years, they collected data and without getting authorization from the Board of Police Commissioners. But more importantly, they have not warned the citizens about the harm of this technology,” said Burton.

So far, there is no set date for the finalization of the facial recognition technology rules.