Credit: Sony/Marvel

A huge shakeup is happening in the world of the blockbuster superhero movies.

Spider-Man is being forced out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of a dispute between Sony and Disney.

Spider-Man recently because a huge force in the theaters due to the character’s appearance in the “Avengers” franchise. Now fans are having quite the emotional reaction. They’re worried that pushing Spidey out of the MCU will wreck characters, plots and future movies.

“My first reaction was, ‘Oh My God. What’s happening? How or is Sony and Marvel going to work this out? Because Spider-Man is Sony’s only and no. 1 first-time ever billion-dollar franchise,'” said Torpedo Comics Assistant Manager and Social Media Expert Gabriel Bustamantez.

Bustamantez saw how the discussion took off online as soon as the disagreement between Sony and Disney was reported. The Hollywood trades say the disagreement is over how to share the profits from this partnership that expanded Spider-Man’s role from a standalone character to having pivotal roles in several movies from the MCU.

“Without Spider-Man’s attachment to the MCU, Spider-Man is not worth that billion dollars anymore,” said Bustamantez.

On Twitter, hashtags like #SaveSpiderMan #SaveSpidey and #Sony trended nationwide. Sony has had the rights to Spider-Man since 1985, but a 2015 partnership between Disney and Marvel allowed Spider-Man to appear in MCU films like “Avengers Endgame.”

“I feel like a lot of people will be mad because he’s part of the movie especially because Iron Man helped him be part of it, and he made him a big part of it, so I think they shouldn’t be taking him out of it,” said Spider-Man fan Mia Beltran.

There have been reports that negotiations are still ongoing. Fans are holding out hope that just like their favorite web slinger, someone will swoop in for the save.

“I think the best case scenario, is that Disney calls in every favor that they need and just buys Sony and just takes over Spider-Man 100% and they never have to worry about this bickering again,” said Bustamantez.