Credit: Unsplash

Over 100 leaders made the promise at the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

Hundreds of leaders and lawmakers from countries around the world are currently gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for the COP26 conference. COP26 is the latest meeting by world leaders to put environmentally friendly plans and deals into action, with the major issues including methane emissions, coal usage, and deforestation, all centering around a general theme of stopping and, hopefully, reversing global climate change.

One particularly optimistic plan spearheaded by the UK is a global pledge to not only end the practice of deforestation, but to reverse its effects completely by the year 2030. The UK has received pledges toward the effort from world leaders speaking on behalf of countries that account for around 85% of the world’s total forests. These representatives include Brazil, China, Colombia, Congo, Indonesia, Russia and the United States, all of whom will be pledging $19 billion in private and public funds toward the effort.

“With today’s unprecedented pledges, we will have a chance to end humanity’s long history as nature’s conqueror, and instead become its custodian,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. “Let’s end this great chainsaw massacre by making conservation do what we know it can do, and that is deliver long-term sustainable jobs and growth as well.”

While the pledge is optimistic, however, some lawmakers have noted that such large-scale promises have been made before and were not kept. “Signing the declaration is the easy part,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres tweeted. “It is essential that it is implemented now for people and planet.”