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The unpopular feature may finally be removed.

The 2016 iteration of Apple’s laptop computer, the MacBook Pro, featured the first appearance of the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar, as the name implies, was a small touch screen bar positioned beneath the screen and above the keyboard. The Touch Bar would offer contextual features, such as quick access to emojis when composing messages or a call accept button when using Skype. It was an interesting idea, but sadly, it never quite picked up traction with MacBook users, who often found it to be cumbersome and annoying. After trying to make the Touch Bar happen for several years, it seems Apple has finally given up on it.

According to TFI Securities analyst and reputable source on Apple goings-on, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is allegedly planning on scrapping the Touch Bar entirely for the 2021 line of MacBook Pros, returning to the previous model of physical function keys. While this is only a rumor at the moment, Kuo has correctly predicted Apple’s moves in the past, and is considered an authority on the subject.

Besides the Touch Bar, other rumors have circulated about the next iteration of MacBook Pros. One rumor suggests that the new MacBooks will feature a flatter, smoother design than its round-edged predecessors, more in line with the aesthetic of the iPhone 12. The new MacBook will also allegedly feature a greater array of connection types, as opposed to their exclusive use of USB-C connections that has been the norm for several years. Alongside this change comes the return of Apple’s MagSafe charger cable, which quickly snaps a charger into a charging port through the use of magnets.

Again, these are all rumors, and are best taken with a grain of salt. It is not currently known when Apple is planning on unveiling the next generation of MacBook Pros.