Photo Credit: Reuters

Stores that sell oils, lotions, and foods infused with CBD have been popping up all over the country and now the FDA is contemplating how to regulate it all.

Many shop owners welcome regulation, but want the government to treat it like a supplement. On the other hand, some people are pushing for the FDA to treat it like medication and require a prescription.

CBD is an extract that comes from the cannabis family. But, one key distinction is that it does not contain the primary ingredients that gets you high. Many advocates consider it a holistic approach to solving or treating a lot of different conditions from muscle pain to migraines.

Kansas City-based CBD American Shaman creates its own products for more than 300 stores nationwide. CBD American Shaman says it wants guidelines for a level playing field. However, they believe treating CBD as prescription medication will hurt the consumer.

CBD American Shaman Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jesse Lopez says he wants to see “regulation that protects the consumer, but not regulation that makes it inaccessible. Because when that happens, then typically it becomes expensive, hard for people to afford, etc.”

CBD American Shaman Franchisee Sarah Fields says, “I mean, it’s scary because you just don’t ever know. You don’t know what’s going to happen, so that’s why we’re just fighting. We’re going to the FDA website, we’re putting our comments, we’re telling our stories of how CBD has helped our lives and the lives of our loved ones.”

CBD American Shaman have signs located all across the country that read “Join the fight for your access to CBD.”

The FDA is expected to begin drafting regulations soon.