Credit: KSHB Kansas City

In Kansas City, a hotline and more than 22 cameras across the city have their targets set on people who are participating in the act of illegal dumping.

In just one spot, more than 2,100 tires were picked up – that’s more than 500 pounds of tires! And unfortunately, it’s costing the taxpayers to clean all of this up.

All over the city, you can see “no dumping” signs that warn of $1,000 fines like on 45th Street and Garfield Avenue. However, these signs don’t seem to be having an impact on several individuals from the community, as more old trash keeps showing up among the nearby garbage piles. A video shot in broad daylight shows another “no dumping” area where garbage is strewn out on the side of the road.

There are 17 dump sites and the illegal dumping investigator has placed more than 20 cameras around the city to catch a better glimpse of these perpetrators. These investigators have partnered with KCPD and they’re working together to identify the license plate numbers of the illegal dumpers.

The cameras are helping. Illegal dumping has reduced from four to five times a week to two to three times a month.

“I go through and I look and I notice what was here today wasn’t here yesterday and I check the cameras. I’ll go check the pictures, run the license plates, interview suspects, and just try to find out if I can take somebody to court for it,” said illegal dumping investigator Alan Ashurst. He says it’s a daily task to pick up after these dumpers.

If you see someone who is illegally dumping, check to see if you can get the license plate of that person. You can call 816-513-DUMP (3867) where you can choose to remain anonymous.