Credit: CBS Chicago

The effects of Hurricane Dorian are likely going to be on the minds of travelers this weekend.

At O’Hare in Colorado, one can see that some airlines have already begun sending out alerts. So far, the flight boards haven’t shown any delays or cancellations for those heading to Florida or the Caribbean. However, airlines are already asking people to constantly monitor their flight status for any changes or cancellations due to Hurricane Dorian’s expected landfall on Monday during the busy holiday weekend. This will likely derail travel for those in the Caribbean or Florida.

Southwest is already warning travelers that flights may be delayed, diverted or canceled all together. They, along with United, JetBlue, Frontier, and others, are offering waivers on change fees. American Airlines has also posted a full list of Florida destinations that may be affected by the storm.

A couple from Miami told CBS 2 that they are trying to remain calm and positive despite the possibility of some flight issues.

“If the weather is bad, I would rather postpone to fly into danger. So I was willing. Either way, I think I would’ve gotten my way with my husband,” said traveler Michelle McElroy with a laugh.

Remember to constantly check your flight information for any changes.