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It’s no secret that Americans love food.

As a collective, Americans reportedly consume more than 815 billion calories of food every day. But on Thanksgiving Day, all the calories we need for today can be eaten in one sitting thanks to all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and plenty of other mouth-watering dishes that will be on the table.

According to a 2013 YouGov poll, about 85 percent of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution states that today, Americans will eat 46 million turkeys. That equates to one turkey per every citizen of Spain.

Depending on the person, the average number of calories in a typical Thanksgiving feast is anywhere from 2,500 to 4,500. This is why many health experts advise people to eat earlier in the day, which allows your food some time to settle. The Huffington Post cites Columbia University associate professor of nutritional medicine Marie-Pierre St-Onge as saying, “It’s easier to adjust throughout the rest of the day if you’ve overeaten at an earlier meal. Also, having large meals closer to bedtime is less than ideal because then you’re full and you have undigested foods in your gastrointestinal system that can potentially lead to some gastric reflux in individuals who are prone to that.”

Doctors say it’s best to practice some self-control and not overindulge if you’re one of the many Americans taking part in the consumption of 80 million pounds of cranberry, 214 pounds of potatoes, or 19 million pies today.

Thanksgiving is also a holiday where companies profit big. For instance, 40 percent of Campbell’s annual cream of mushroom sales are because of this holiday. Black Friday, the huge national retail sales event, occurs tomorrow and is one of the most significant days for business sales all across America.