Pirates, Pizza, and Pac-Man hit the slope.

Spring technically began on March 21, but in some parts of the world, Winter hasn’t quite gotten the memo. Take the town of Logoisk in Belarus, for example (that’s in eastern Europe if you didn’t know). Though the snow has mostly melted, there’s still a bit of a chill in the air. Its for this reason that Logoisk holds the annual Californication competition with the intent of sending off winter with a smile.

In this nine-year-running contest, contestants ski or snowboard one at a time down a short slope before plunging into a large puddle of ice water at the bottom. The twist is that contestants are not judged on sporting skill, but how much they can make the crowd laugh. It’s for this reason that contestants compete in the silliest, most sports-incompatible outfits they can conceive. Some notable appearances included a pirate, a slice of pizza, Pac-Man and a ghost, Marge Simpson, Fidel Castro, and several dudes in kilts. There’s no prize for the winner beyond bragging rights for the year, but I’d say the knowledge that you’ve bid winter a fond farewell (and made a spectacle of yourself in the process) is reward enough.