Credit: ABC 5 Cleveland

Charlie Hyatt is donating goods to help veterans make their homes a little more homey.

Veterans Day is the time of year when Americans honor the men and women who have served the United States through the armed forces. One Cleveland woman is doing her part to ensure these veterans have all the essentials to prepare for a new, enlivened living space. Charlie Hyatt has been showing her thanks by dropping off truckloads of home goods to help these veterans get on their feet again.

“Yeah, it’s my penthouse – my sanctuary,” said Army and Navy veteran Ricky Scruggs. to WEWS. “Having your own named mailbox means a lot.”

Hyatt’s nonprofit, Help for Heroes, is the catalyst behind helping veterans like Scruggs turn their houses into homes. Help for Heroes started nine years ago when she was playing bingo at the VA hospital.

“A female veteran asked me if I was ever going to come back,” said Hyatt. “I asked her why she asked and she said she had no clothing.”

That was the moment when Hyatt got her grand idea. She continued on to each room asking veterans, “What would you like me to bring you?” That first year, Hyatt helped 30 veterans. Today, that number has risen to 476.

“We as veterans were labeled as baby killers, women killers,” said Vietnam veteran Steven Holmes.

Holmes went down a dark path of homelessness and depression before making his way back to the other side into housing. However, there wasn’t much inside. That’s when Hyatt appeared through the help of donors, Facebook, and GoFundMe. She arrived with all the quality essentials of living.

“Everything that I’d asked or mentioned that I needed, she brought,” said Holmes.

Hyatt says every time she thinks about giving up or funds are running too low, a sign is always placed right in front of her.

“Just when I think I gotta throw in the towel, pennies come from heaven,” said Hyatt.

Hyatt has done so much for Help for Heroes that GoFundMe is honoring her as a hero on Thursday.