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It’s not often that you hear a doctor or scientist say miracles really do happen.

A Colorado baby who was given a one percent chance of survival is making everyone she meets a believer.

Children’s Hospital has broken this story down into numbers. 28 weeks was when her mother was sent to the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy. 95 days was long she was in the NICU, showing she is not just a number.

“I hope that people get from our stories that miracles happen,” said Lexie Emory.

Whether or not you believe in miracles, in this case, hoping for one was everything.

“I’ll never forget, she sits down and she says, ‘I’m so sorry, but your baby is very sick,'” said Dr. Terry Harper.

The day Lexie Emory and her husband Brock learned something was wrong with their unborn baby, Dr. Harper was delivering the news.

“I just remembered the pain I knew I would be causing them when I shared this information with them,” said Dr. Harper.

Their baby had Turner Syndrome – one X chromosome instead of two – and a less than one percent chance of survival. But Dr. Turner gave them hope.

“Long-term, the prognosis neurodevelopmentally for kids with Turner Syndrome, is quite good,” said Dr. Harper.

“My husband and I both looked at each other and we knew that we were going to let her fight,” said Emory.

In the weeks that followed, doctors still can’t explain why the fluid threatening the baby’s life dramatically decreased.

When Emory was admitted to the NICU at Children’s Hospital at 28 weeks pregnant…

“For most parents, the NICU is their worst-case scenario, and for us it was the best,” said Emory.

After she was born, this baby spent 95 days in NICU proving everyone wrong. The baby is now named after the doctor who gave everybody hope.

“This is our daughter, Harper Lynn,” said Emory. “If we can name our baby after someone who is so kind and empathetic – if she has any of those characteristics, we made the right choice.”

Now Harper is six months old. Her prognosis is good.

“We had hope, but boy we were worried,” said Emory.

“Now you’re one strong cookie,” Dr. Harper told baby Harper.

For this family, that’s nothing short of the miracle they always believed could happen.

“Give your baby every chance they have because they just might surprise you,” said Emory.

Baby Harper still has therapy and some surgeries coming, but her parents say she is thriving and a very happy baby.