Credit: Unsplash

The Georgia runoffs are taking a turn for the blue.

In what would normally be a simple state election, the Georgia runoff elections have ended up determining which political party will have majority control over the United States senate. In the event that both of Georgia’s senate seats turn blue, then in combination with the soon-to-be Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democratic party will gain majority control from the Republicans.

At the time of writing, the Democratic candidates are projected to sweep the Georgia runoffs. For the senate special election between Democratic candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock and Republican incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler, Warnock maintains 50.6% of the votes. Though 2% of the total voting population still remains, the election has already been called for Warnock. For the regular senate election between Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and Republican incumbent David Perdue, the race is still extremely close and has yet to be called. Currently, though, with 98% of the votes counted, Ossoff has 50.20% of the votes, while Perdue has 49.80%. Barring any sudden shifts in the votes, Ossoff is projected to win the race.

Twitter users have been offering praise to voting activist Stacey Abrams, who has received credit for mobilizing larger quantities of voters for the runoff. Multiple big name celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Cher have joined in on the praise on their personal Twitters.

Meanwhile, Congress is set to officially ratify the electoral college votes, naming Joe Biden the formal President-elect. At least 150 Republican senators and Congress members have expressed an intent to protest these results, echoing President Donald Trump’s currently unproven assertions of voter fraud, though these objections are expected to fall through. Even so, experts are anticipating an extremely long session with numerous interruptions that could continue well into tomorrow morning.