Credit: Robb Manes/CBS Denver

In a new viral video, there are dozens of air mattresses flying through the air in Stapleton.

CBS 4 Denver spoke with a few people who saw this and say it was quite the sight to see. The air mattresses barely missed people who were out that day.

“I saw blowing mattresses. They blowed into the pool, they blowed all over the place,” said six-year-old Cameron Cartwright.

His three-year-old brother Peyton said there were too many mattresses to count. Having a little video of it all doesn’t hurt either.

“I called it The Great Mattress Migration of 2019. Apparently that was funny,” said Robb Manes.

On their way to the Runway 35 Pool in Stapleton, Manes and his fiancee noticed dozens of air mattresses in the park. They were set up for a movie under the stars. He didn’t think anything of it, until, he says, the clouds started rolling in.

“The wind picked up and lowered the umbrellas at the pool, and that’s when the first air mattress flew over the fence,” said Manes.

When the mattresses kept rolling, that’s when Manes grabbed his cell phone.

“A lot got by the pool and I think the buildings caught a few of them,” said Manes.

His video is now a viral sensation, and the story is not so hard to believe.

“They never stopped. It kept windy and after that was done they kept staying in one place,” said Peyton.

Manes says he later learned there were 150 air mattresses set up in the park. As far as he knew, no one was hurt in this incident.

The Cartwrights, who live nearby, say dozens of people actually got the air mattresses together again and lined them back up in the park so the show could go on.