Credit: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times

Lillian Solomon now officially has 100 years of advice under her belt for living a long and happy life.

Solomon might be 100 years old, but you’d never be able to tell from looking at her. She looks about 20-25 years her junior, hears just fine, walks on her own two feet without a cane, and age has not impeded her speech at all.

“Anything that’s stressful, let it go by,” said Solomon.

Solomon is an avid bowler, works out every single day for 20 minutes, and travels often. Recently, she danced the night away and sang some tunes at her birthday celebration. She was born in Winnipeg, CA in 1919, but at the age of four she moved to Los Angeles with her family. She’s been thriving ever since.

She exposes some of the secrets to her longevity by saying, “Eat the right food, don’t be lazy and make time for what’s important.”

Solomon also keeps a “younger” man around the house. Her boyfriend of 25 years, Eddie Huyffer, is 99 years old, a World War II vet, and an all-American charmer. When asked about liking older women, Huyffer said, “I like all women! All pretty women.”

“When I wake up every morning he kisses me and says, ‘Good morning, my queen!'” said Solomon.

Huyffer nicknamed Solomon “the queen” shortly after they met at a bowling alley.

“She wanted to go with a champ bowler!” said Huyffer.

“I thought he was kind of cute,” said Solomon. “The man that I was going with at the time was not active enough for me.”

“She asked me!” Huyffer chimed in. “She picked me!”

Solomon has a 2008 Crossfire convertible and drives it like she isn’t a day over 25, giving credence to living a stress-free life.