A business owner in Colorado took a stand he thought people would support. Instead, his business is being liquidated and closing its doors just five months later.

The owner of Prime Time Sports decided to boycott Nike, a staple of sports paraphernalia, after the company featured former quarterback Colin Kaepernick in its advertising. The store owner decided that was too far and began a Nike boycott, removing all Nike products from his store. Unfortunately for him that doesn’t leave a lot of sports products. He hoped that like-minded people would support his stand enough to help him stay afloat, but that turned out not to be the case. After 21 years in business, Prime Time Sports is shutting down.

Kaepernick became prominent over a movement he began within the NFL of taking a knee during the national anthem in silent protest over social injustice. Other athletes joined, and a controversy was born.

People on both sides of the discussion were angry with how the NFL handled the situation, some saying the league didn’t come down hard enough on the players, others saying the NFL should have left them alone to protest however they wanted. Those who opposed the protests felt that taking a knee during the national anthem disrespected the military. Then Nike jumped into the fray by featuring Kaepernick in an ad campaign saying, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”