What started out as a safe lead for Team Giannis fell apart in the third quarter, leading to a win for Team LeBron at the NBA All-Star Game, held in Charlotte, North Carolina. The final score was 178-164.

The draft for the game entered its second year of a new format. Instead of pitting players against each other in East vs. West teams, two team captains were named based upon number of points for the season. LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo as team captains then chose their teams from among the players who were selected to play in the game. The format change seems to be working, resulting in a more interesting game than would occur under the old system.

Kevin Durant ended up being named the MVP of the game, scoring 31 points for Team LeBron. The second highest point-earner was Klay Thompson, also for Team LeBron.

Now back to work, guys.