Credit: News Channel 5

Nashville students are receiving free public transport.

If you’re a parent of a metro student, WeGo Public Transit wants to make your mornings a little easier by offering free rides to students around Nashville.

School buses don’t always work for students with their schedules and extracurricular activities, so this is another way to help them navigate around the city.

Aside from the ride, the program has some long-term goals they want to accomplish – one of them being the StrIDe program. This is the program that allows high schoolers to get unlimited rides on WeGo Transit buses. Their student ID cards are activated as bus passes in the beginning of the school year.

The new goal of the program is to get more middle schoolers on board. Three middle schools in Nashville are already a part of the initiative. More talks are currently in the works of adding three other middle schools by winter break.

WeGo says they want to help young people who have any fears about public transportation. They also want to make students going into high school feel more comfortable with their peers and transportation routes. WeGo also wants students to learn more about bus etiquette.

The aforementioned goals are very useful as the numbers show that 70 percent of WeGo riders are, in fact, students.