Credit: Unsplash

Multiple screenings have yielded varying results.

After several days of cold and flu-like symptoms, including congestion, cough, and fever, billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk elected to have several antigen tests on Thursday to determine whether he had contracted the coronavirus.

According to Musk, out of four rapid antigen tests he experienced, two came back negative, and two came back positive. After clarifying that all four tests were conducted on the exact same conditions, Musk stated his belief that something “extremely bogus is going on,” though he did not elaborate on the matter any further. In order to make his test results clearer, Musk will be undergoing a PCR test from a separate lab, the results of which should be available by Saturday.

Over the course of the pandemic’s presence in the United States, Musk has taken a firm stance against government efforts to combat COVID-19, claiming the severity of the disease is overblown and labeling mandates and safety measures as “fascist.” These beliefs came to a head back in April when the California state government attempted to temporarily shutter the San Francisco Tesla plant in the interest of worker safety. Musk went to great lengths to have the plant reopened, filing lawsuits and threatening to move the company’s HQ out of the state. Eventually, the plant reopened in May, with workers working assembly shifts.