Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced at the end of January that Amazon’s most sold item for 2018 was the Amazon Echo Dot, its own smart speaker device. It’s no doubt good news for the online retailer that their own products are the ones they sell the most. And the Dot is just one of their Echo products, which also includes the original Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Show. Dots are the least expensive product in the line, so it makes sense they sell the most.

Though no specific numbers were given for how many Dots were sold in the year, the company previously announced that 100 million Alexa enabled devices had been sold. That includes both Amazon’s own products and third-party products that incorporate Alexa.

It should also be pointed out that Amazon’s products, including Echo speakers, are also sold through other retailers like Best Buy and other brick and mortar stores. Those numbers would not be included in the announcement.

Industry experts think that Amazon so far is dominating Google’s competing devices by a wide margin.