Credit: Christina House / Los Angeles Times

Tomorrow marks the official 30-day mark since the arrival of E-scooters in Tucson.

TDOT says community members have taken just under 40,000 trips on these E-scooters, which averages out to 1,400 trips per day. In short, these numbers indicate that the community is responding very well to the implementation of the scooters.

Bird and Razor are the two scooter companies in town. TDOT told KGUN that the scooters are in a six-month pilot program. Later today, there will be a meeting to discuss residents’ responses to the scooters.

“We hope you are enjoying the scooters. We hope they’re helping you get around. Please be safe when you’re out there and be courteous. Look out for each other on the road. When you’re driving, expect to see someone now on a scooter that you might not have expected to see before. And when you’re scooting, make sure you follow all the traffic laws and ride respectfully,” said TDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Manager Andrew Bemis.

TDOT says they understand that not everyone is fans of the scooters. The two main complaints they’ve heard are improper parking and sidewalk riding. People on scooters must follow the same rules of the road as a cyclist.

If you have concerns about the scooters and the way they affect the Tucson community, you can reach TDOT at 520-791-3154. However, specific concerns about the scooters should be reiterated back to Bird and Razor.