Credit: CBS Denver

As it gets colder, Denver Zoo employees are finding ways to make their animals more comfortable in frigid temperatures.

If you want to come to the Denver Zoo but are looking to stay warm, the Tropical Discovery area is where you want to be.

Right now, the Denver Zoo looks like a winter wonderland after a blanket of snow covered it. Yesterday, the zoo was kept closed because of the amount of snowfall.

The zoo has all types of animals (including baby animals) that vary in species across the 88-square-foot park. Some of the animals thrive in forests while others are better off in deserts or tropical climates. Because of all of these different living environments, zoo officials are often asked how they keep all the animals warm. The answer may surprise you, because many assume zookeepers take them all inside.

Denver Zoo Communications Director Jake Kubie told CBS 4, “We’re standing in front of Benson Predator Ridge, which is a rotational exhibit for African lions, spotted hyenas, and African wild dogs. We’ve also got some features here like a heated stone for those animals, so on days when it’s not quite this cold – maybe high 30s, low 40s – you’ll see them all piled up on that rock.”

Later today, the zoo is set to announce whether they’ll be opening or not.