Credit: KGUN 9

Robert Tucci incurred a mysterious debt after a medical emergency.

“I thought it might have been a heart attack,” said Phoenix, Arizona citizen Robert Tucci after suffering from severe abdominal pains. Tucci promptly headed to Dignity Health, the closest emergency health care center. Dignity Health is a department of Arizona General Hospital in Goodyear. The healthcare workers there also assumed Tucci had a heart attack, and sent him to a hospital.

“I had a gallbladder issue, not a heart issue,” said Tucci.

After Tucci learned of his much better prognosis, insurance estimated that he would owe about $1350, which is the amount he paid when the services were rendered.

“I’m thinking I’m done,” said Tucci. However, it was anything but that simple.

Tucci noticed that his insurance paid $300 for a CT scan he didn’t have. While he was assured he would be re-billed, it didn’t work out that way in the slightest.

“I go from expecting a $300 refund to a bill for $5,200,” said Tucci.

For months, Tucci tried to get an answer but never did.

“I called Dignity Health 24 times,” said Tucci.

After no response, he decided to call the investigation team at KGUN 9. They contacted Dignity Health, Arizona General, the insurer and the hospital. That’s when they came across something that Tucci wasn’t aware of. His benefits blatantly state, “Emergency room, emergency co-pay waived if hospitalized”. Since Tucci was hospitalized that day, his expenses should’ve been fully covered.

“What a godsend is all I can say,” said Tucci.

His insurers stated that he was “inappropriately balanced billed services” by Arizona General Hospital and he received a refund check for about $1350.

According to a statement from Dignity Health, “Federal privacy laws prohibit us from commenting. Our patient’s experience is a top priority. We’re continually striving to improve the process.”

If you receive a check for am ambulance or hospital visit, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that everything listed is correct and that the appropriate services are waived if it’s applicable.