Credit: velkr0/Flickr

Plastic isn’t banned in Minnesota, but they might make it harder to use.

Back in 2017, Minnesota state officials prohibited cities from banning plastic. Today, Minneapolis City Council is considering charging citizens an extra five cents for one-time use bags. But before council members take the vote, they want to hear opinions from residents. At 1:30 PM, a public meeting will be held to get this input.

The goal in this potential new policy is primarily based around environmentalism. City leaders want to encourage people to use reusable shopping bags. The one-time use bag charge is meant to be a deterrent for people who continue to use these bags.

One citizen commented, “I have many cloth bags in my car at all times. I bring them into any store I go into if one item or more. I do not use store bags at all. I don’t need any plastic bags saved in my house.”

Another citizen says she’s found a constructive use for the one-time use bags: “We reuse both paper and plastic bags. I wouldn’t mind seeing the plastic bags go away, but the paper bags are useful. We use them for recycling.”

Yet another citizen suggested a different approach to the stores’ methods, stating, “If they are going to charge five cents a bag to use the store bag, then they should require the stores to give you a five-cent a bag credit for using your own bags.”

You can give your own opinions at Minneapolis City Hall today to contribute to the vote.