Credit: CBS Denver

As the Colorado population grows, residents are getting increasingly used to fences and construction popping up all over the place.

Along Platte Street, developers have a plan and a high-rise blueprint is not part of it. Eventually, Platte Street plaza will be erected and located right on the end of the Highland Bridge, an area which a lot of people use to bike, run and walk through.

While an apartment is not in the works, a park-like atmosphere is. It will be especially beneficial for people who love more green-friendly areas downtown.

Construction started this month and it’s expected to finish up later this fall. Developers are hoping this will fill the gap in the current streetscape. Platte Street Plaza’s new park-like design will promote connection and relaxation.

“We’re trying to create a place where people really would stop and gather, eat, work. We’re going to have wifi throughout the plaza. And really, this becomes kind of the nucleus of Platte Street,” said Unico Properties Regional Director and VP Austin Kane.

While the aforementioned design is still in construction right now, you may be able to see trees and other plants by next spring.