Credit: NBC Boston

Massachusetts’s statewide ban on vaping products is ending today, but The Public Health Council will be voting on new regulations.

The Public Health Council will vote on lifting the emergency ban as well as whether to have minimum standards for the retail sale of tobacco and electronic nicotine vaping devices. Before council members gathered at today’s meeting to discuss different vaping regulations, an executive session was held to discuss lawsuits challenging the current vaping ban.

That ban will be lifted, but only with restrictions that align with the new tobacco control law. The law bans all flavored nicotine vaping products from stores and allows them to be sold only for on-site consumption at licensed smoking bars. It also restricts the sale of vaping products with high levels of nicotine to adult-only stores and smoking bars.

“I do want to commend the legislature for making a decision to act quickly on this. This has worked out about as well as we could’ve expected it to. I’m anxious for people to move forward in what will be a newly regulated environment with a lot more public information available for people about the possible risks associated with vaping,” Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker told WBZ.

Some of those regulations could include requiring stores to post signs warning of the dangers associated with vaping and rules that would require vaping products to be kept behind the counter in stores that allow customers under the age of 21.

Cannabis vaping is still quarantined, but the Cannabis Control Commission has its own meeting set for next week.