Credit: Bryan Woolston/Reuters

Taylor’s family will receive a large payout from the city.

Back in March, three officers of the Louisville, Kentucky Police Department broke down the apartment door of Ms. Breonna Taylor. They were investigating a potential link between her and a suspected drug dealer on the grounds that they had previously dated. While the officers did possess a “no-knock” warrant, they did not announce their presence upon entering the house. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, feared for their safety and shot one of the at-the-time unidentified men in the leg. In response, the officers fired five shots blindly into the house, all of which struck Taylor herself, eventually resulting in her death.

Since Taylor’s death, her mother, Tamika Palmer, filed a lawsuit against Louisville, claiming the police were operating on flawed information when obtaining their warrant. Kentucky’s Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, has been investigating the case for the last six months, though has yet to turn up anything conclusive. Today, however, word leaked that the city of Louisville had reached a settlement with Palmer, according to an anonymous source familiar with the matter. The source, who contacted The Associated Press, said that while the exact number of the settlement had not been divulged, it was somewhere in the million-dollar range.

Credit: Jacquelyn Martin/AFP via Getty Images

As with the death of George Floyd, Taylor’s death became a rallying cry for those demanding police be held accountable for brutal actions and racial discrimination. So far, at least as far as Louisville is concerned, there has been some forward motion. One of the officers responsible for Taylor’s death has been fired from his position, and former police chief Steve Conrad was relieved of his position back in June. New local laws have been passed banning the issuing and use of no-knock warrants, as well as other currently undisclosed reforms to the city’s law enforcement. More details are expected some time this afternoon.