Credit: Unsplash

Jeffrey Allsbrooks was arrested for possession of a pistol without a permit.

Earlier today, 57-year-old congressional aide Jeffrey Allsbrooks entered the United States Capitol complex, specifically the Longworth House Office Building. When walking through the security checkpoint, the x-ray scan noted something suspicious with Allsbrooks’s bag, leading to his apprehension by Capitol police officers stationed within the building. Upon searching his belongings, a pistol was found, and Allsbrooks was arrested.

Allbrooks is being charged with carrying a firearm without a permit. In his defense, Allsbrooks claims that he forgot the pistol was among his belongings. In the interest of safety, those working in the building were briefly instructed to shut and lock doors and windows and temporarily disable their electronic devices until the all-clear could be given. The lockdown only lasted a brief period before authorities lifted it with the all-clear.

Coincidentally, yesterday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked how safe she believes the Capitol currently is, as it has been nearly a year since the events of the January 6 riot and insurrection. Pelosi said she is very confident that the Capitol has become safer.

“We will always ensure that that is the case, and we are having all of the reviews of what we pass into law and how that is being implemented,” Pelosi said.

“But, let me just say this about one year ago,” Pelosi added. “And that is, I don’t think that whatever preparation anybody would have made, that anybody could predict that the president of the United States would incite an insurrection — and a violent one. So, I don’t fault anybody for not knowing, who had responsibility of communication and the rest on all of this, that the president, the president was instigating this.”