Fractal Analytics is a leader in artificial intelligence that has secured $200 million in funding, supporting the world’s biggest consumer packaging goods (CPG) companies including Unilever as well as Proctor & Gamble. The CPG chief practice officer of Fractal, Amitabh (Ambo) Bose, shares how legacy brands are utilizing AI to win the war against Amazon for customer loyalty as both brands rely on brick-and-mortar retailers.

Bose says they’re working with big legacy brands as their looking to transform in the marketplace with the essential new-age competition being other big retailers similar to Amazon along with new-age brands are competing with companies in the direct to consumer markets.

When clients are looking to utilize AI across their data sets and functions to better understand consumer rates both on and offline, considering the basic things they might think about that leads them to consume a product. Thinking about things like what category of products will a consumer get online versus in-store.

For more on the development of AI for CPG brand, check out the video above.